Thursday, 8 June 2017

Raft of Roses

I've been lucky enough to have received the latest CD from British noise artist TYRANNIC HORIZON. 

It is called 'Raft of Roses' and is quite simply magnificent. 

The popular conception of Noise music (if it's ever considered in pop media at all) is all moody and openly misanthropic quasi-Sadean chaos, a vile aural attack. Tyrannic Horizon are one of an in fact great number of noise artists whose music/sound/noise is (and is informed by) a kind of corrupted beauty... an initial theme or concept finds expression in a simple sound or group of sounds (in this case, a vocal repetition of two lines from a poem by one Julianne Davis) which are then mangled and distorted beyond recognition so that something entirely new comes out.

The details of its production can be found here as well as ordering or downloading details.

The CD case includes crushed rose petals as part of the artwork. This is dream music just not as it's popularly known. It's tangible and sensory and deserves to be heard by as many curious souls as possible.

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